HELLO YOU REBEL SUPERNOVAS-  The ones who strive to be your real and authentic self in a world of conformity.  The ones who want to be more of who they are versus what and who others want or need them to be.  Welcome!


Let’s start with what is authenticity and what it means to be authentic?  According to Berkeley Exec Ed, this is what they say.

What it Means to Be Authentic

Authenticity comes from knowing what’s important to you and remaining true to these values in the face of external pressures and expectations to think and behave a certain way. When you come from an authentic place, you are less likely to allow these external pressures to change who you truly are. This includes how you express yourself, who you connect with, and how you spend your time. It’s difficult to define what authenticity looks like because everyone will express their authentic selves differently. It’s very personal. However, in general, the following behaviors are often shared among those who live and act authentically.

  • Bringing one’s “whole self” to work or a relationship rather than putting on a fake face to please others.
  • Speaking one’s mind and letting others know where they stand on things, even if what they have to say isn’t particularly popular.
  • Taking responsibility for one’s actions and not blaming them on someone else.
  • Keeping promises; following through on the things they say they will do for themselves and others.



Here is an exercise to do to help you conenct with your authentic self and start you on the journey of getting familiar with you.

  • What comes to mind?
  • Make a list.

Remember there are no rules. No policeman of words or control of how you feel you want to express yourself.  There are enough of those experiences that can hinder the process of inner investigation.

By doing this, you can see who you really are versus who you are when others want you to be a certain way.  This is a very powerful step in becoming aware of the duality and to see the truth of who you want to be.



Berkeley Exec Ed also shows us how authenticty benefits us!

The Benefits of Authenticity

It isn’t difficult to imagine the advantages of truly understanding ourselves and living on our own terms. Not only are we more likely to exhibit greater self-efficacy and garner respect from others, but we’re better able to realize our full potential and reap the additional rewards that come with living an inspired life. Below are just a few more ways authenticity can benefit us.

Increased dedication

Authentic people tend to be more dedicated to their passions because they spend time on pursuits that genuinely inspire them and keep them moving forward.

Richer relationships

Authentic people are better able to build deeper, more rewarding relationships because they are built on truth and allow for each person to express their genuine selves.

Increased self-confidence

True confidence stems from self-trust. Those who live from a place of authenticity are more confident in their abilities because they can be honest with themselves. They know what they have to offer and where they need to improve.

Greater leadership influence

Authentic leaders model authenticity for others and earn the trust and loyalty of their team members.

Better mental health

When our thoughts and actions are aligned, we are free from the mental and emotional friction that comes from “working against ourselves.” We are also more likely to engage in behaviors that promote good mental health.

In addition to the personal benefits above, it’s essential to consider the broader cultural benefits of authenticity. A society or work culture where more people live true to their values rather than conform out of fear is more likely to allow people to discuss disparate viewpoints and solve real problems openly and intelligently, neutralizing the tendency toward ‘group think.’ It also fosters an environment where everyone can fully engage, leading to more thoughtful and genuine results from group efforts.


DON’T LET ANYONE STOP YOU FROM BEING WHO YOU WANT TO BE!  Authenticity is a path to true happiness, contentment and inner peace.  Which is gold in my opinion.

This is why art is so important and why I use it all the time as a tool for helping others on their journey to becoming and maintaining their most potent self or in recovering their most vital self.  Art fosters your authentic self.  It gives you that space to be yourself where no one is controlling you and telling you how to do things their way.  It is a process of inner investigation.



Here is another exercise to help you with your inner investigation journey. Remember it is not about perfection. It is about expression. So, tell your inner critic to sit this one out.

  • Notebook in hand.
  • Let’s have an experience together.  Because that is how we learn, grow and evolve.  It is through what we experience and the take away from it that resides in our own mind and body for years to come.
  • Let’s go on a journey into the playful side of you.

First thing, connect with your childlike creative spirit that is free and wants to play.

Second, ask yourself these questions

  • What do I want to do? What do I like? Abstract art? Impressionistic? Realism? Music? Photography? Comedy? Cooking? Writing, dancing, or singing? There are endless ways to express yourself and the beauty that you want to create.
  • What do I find beautiful?
  • In what ways do I feel hindered in expressing myself the way that I want to?  Why?
  • Have their been instances where I did trust myself and I did have the courage to express myself the way I wanted to?  Were you excited, doubtful or scared? What was the outcome?


Being authentic more and more will make it so that you are more comfortable being you. The more that you can be authentic, the more you will find your tribe who are most like you.  Finding those people, such as a healthy artist community, is like coming home.  It really does feel good and harmonious.  Because you can take of the mask of having to conform to be acccepted or fit in and be who you are.

This article is written for those who are seeking to self-actualize and maintain the actualization.  To tap their potential. To become the best that they can be.   You want to go deep into you and come back with the gem of mastery of thyself.   Because when you have mastered yourself, you are in the drivers seat of your life.  You know what is going on in and around you and you are much less apt to getting controlled and manipulated.  You then are steps ahead of many and aligned with your purpose.

So, make time for being creative and playing. There is power in it for connecting with yourself.  Nurture your artistic inner child. Give attention to it. Develop it by simply doing it. Practice will bring the gaining of experiences and strength… and remember art is subjective.  What you like may not be the same as others enjoy.  It doesnt make either art piece wrong. Someone is going to resonate with it and LOVE IT!  Being authentic and artistic brings forth the DIFFERENT & UNIQUE, which is exactly what the Dr. ordered.  Are you one that craves a new and different advanture?  I am.  It’s like, “Take me to some new place I have not been yet! I am dying to go somewhere new.  The same ol same ol is boring.  I need some excitement badly!  I want a WOW moment that feels amazing.”  Knowing that you can make these experiences happen puts you in the drivers seat where you are fueling your most brilliant supernova self!  Confidence, assurance and loving oneself  in a balanced way is not bought in the store. Get out there and create and don’t ever give up on what you want to do with this precious life.  This is your ride and I want you to make it epic.  So, on your death bead, you can say, “yes, I did accomplish everything that I set out here to do.”


Knowledge is power. Always seek food for thought.




Star Zuwala, MA

Authenticity & Resiliency Coach