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I am proud to present to you this POTENT information laden video! It was formulated for YOU – entrepreneurs, business owners, working women, creative types, leaders, or any go getter type of individual who desires to be the best at what you do! In order to be at a high operating level, you know that you have to learn everything you can about how to do the role you are doing excellently. You have to develop yourself, as well as figure out how to navigate any challenges that you might be facing by removing obstacles/blockages (insecurities, doubt, fear, negativity) that might be holding you back from your greatest potential.

This video is a Resiliency Training – about the essential 11 components to resiliency.

  • 1. Know Your Big Picture & Passion!
  • 2. Develop Yourself & Your Competence!
  • 3. Adopt A Confident Winner Mindset!
  • 4. Have Strength Of Character & Love Who You Are!
  • 5. Fuel Your Triumphant “I Can Do it” Fierce Yang Fire!
  • 6. Practice Mindful Awareness
  • 7. Utilizing The Power Of Yin For Self-Rejuvenation!
  • 8. Treating Yourself Like Gold Is A Must!
  • 9. Creating Joy- Bring Alive Your Fun Childlike Spirit!
  • 10. Connection with your community & spirituality!
  • 11. Always grateful !

These are very important parts of you that are needing to be attended to/taken care of on a daily basis to be at your absolute best. Onward and upward to achieving your goals!

With Love & Support Always – Star Zuwala, MA