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Overcoming toxic stress and restore yourself back to 100%!

I am speaking right now to those of you who have experienced some sort of toxic stress that has left you affected in a negative way, with a short term or long term anger, a disconnection to the self, a dissatisfaction with life, or an emptiness or a sadness that you can’t seem to shake.  The experience happened whether it be being a child of divorce, a huge loss, a trauma, or not receiving the love you needed and it can be a difficult experience. However, it is important to remember that you can overcome these experiences. This restoration process involves understanding fully what occured and seeing it from another perspective objectively, learning to love yourself and getting your needs met in a supportive, safe and caring environment that encourages growth.

With the Brilliant U Program which is now a part of Flourish Center Hawaii, a new non-profit on Maui dedicated to the restoration of top tier wellness and strengthening resilience for the Maui community and individuals all over the world, you will team up with a wellness coach and learn daily habits of how to restore yourself back to 100% wellbeing.

It is here at Flourish that you can work with professional and experienced coaches to help you identify and challenge the negative beliefs and self-talk that may stem from these experiences, overcome toxic stress by regualting the nervous system, or re-parent yourself by treating yourself with the love, care, and validation if that is what you may have missed out on in childhood. Basically overcoming any experince that was of a toxic stress nature.

It’s critical to learn how to communicate your needs effectively, set boundaries, and practice self-care. This may involve seeking out healthy relationships and friendships and practicing self-compassion. Remember, healing is a process and takes time, but there is hope for a fulfilling life ahead.

If more support is needed than coaching and building your future- it’s important to seek outiside support from a therapist or support group to help you process and understand your emotions.

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