Come with me on a journey of making great changes in you and your life to become the best version of YOU!

  • The first step is quite simple- In our sessions together, we spend time talking about many different areas of your life, all of them have relevance to what is going on currently in your life. Those areas are the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical parts of you and the environment in which you are living in.  We have to take stock of all that is operating inside and outside of you.
  • I ask specific questions which will bring to light your strengths, abilities, talents and qualities that are assets and what areas are needing attention for modification.
  • One of the biggest parts of where I put my analysis are the obstacles to what is keeping you down or back in your life.
  • We discuss your desired goals in detail and why you want them.  There is a motivation behind everything we do and want.  Knowing what the motivations are is a very essential part of the process.

Then we go to Step 2….