All the information that I get from our sessions gives me the whole picture so that I can understand you and your life better! Life experiences can damage us in ways that keep us from believing/knowing that we deserve that which we want. Lack of self love, self worth, self belief can originate from trauma, abuse or conditioning that then become the obstacles and in the way of getting what you want. Together we look at your goals and what you want and why you want them. Goals can change along the way, and that is ok.

I, with my natural ability of being a detective, figure out what is holding you back and what the correct course of action would be to take to bring about the changes you want! Suggestions of where the work needs to be done.

There is no way around it, you have to do the work! I am here to assist you on your journey, but it ultimately is up to you to try the new ways of thinking and being in the daily practices.

As your coach I will show you the steps of what to do. Try this, try that and see what resonates for you.

I will share with you my liquid gold secrets of the my method I use – which brings about REAL RESULTS!