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Hi I'm Star Zuwala, MA

Hi, my name is Star, nice to meet you!
I work with motivated people such as yourself who want to create a life they love, achieve a goal they want, make a life change, and/or better their lives or themselves.

You most likely have an idea about what you want. To start something entirely new or to make a change to something in your life. Let's discover what those would be and make them happen. c

That is what I am here for! To be the coach you need to get you to that desired goal. Everybody needs support, guidance from someone who has made what they want happen in their lives and knows one possible way and can share with you that wealth of knowledge!

My coaching will help you give life to your visions and a plan with suggestions of how to make them a reality!

More About Me

What My Wonderful Clients Have To Say!

  • After a lifetime of therapy (and countless therapists), I am grateful to say that I have finally found a life coach whose brilliance outshines all who have gone before. Star's work comes straight from the heart, from a place of pure love.

    S. Marvin Fashion Designer, Dancer
  • I highly recommend working with Star! As a coach she dives straight to the heart and helps guide you on your path. Star is exceptional and brings insight and cheer we entrepreneurs need. She is a must have in your life!

    M. Nawrocki Entrepreneur


  • SONGS TO GET YOU FIRED UP AND CALM YOU! I will list the best of the best here to check out for chilling and pumping it up!

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  • I have created these in depth motivational videos to get you attending to all your levels that are necessary for being at your best- Spiritual, mental, emotional, environmental, and physical. They will get you excited and hopeful about the work you are doing! Keep going!

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  • GET MY BOOK! A happy life does not just happen. You have to save yourself, make it happen, be your own hero! Change your mindset! That is the first step!

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