Reasons why to hire me as your coach!

(1.) My specialty is SELF-DEVELOPMENT - Personally, Professionally & Creatively. (2.) I will help EMPOWER you to be in the driver's seat of your life. (3.) My method works and brings tangible proven results! (4.) I will keep you accountable and motivated throughout the process of achieving your goals! (5.) My approach is holistic. We will attend to all parts of you - to ensure your success.

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Hi I'm Coach Star

Hi, my name is Star!
I love working with motivated people such as yourself who want to understand themselves better, gain the knowledge on how to make the changes in oneself and one's life! Knowledge is power!

We will work together to look at all of you with a holistic approach and create an action plan on what needs to be developed or strengthened.

I specialize in empowering and motivating you to start practicing new positive thoughts that will bring about the desired behavioral changes!

Everybody needs support and guidance when learning new ways of being. With consistent practice you can make it happen! Let's get you where you want to go!

More About Me

What My Wonderful Clients Have To Say!

  • After a lifetime of therapy (and countless therapists), I am grateful to say that I have finally found a life coach whose brilliance outshines all who have gone before. Star's work comes straight from the heart, from a place of pure love.

    S. Marvin Fashion Designer, Dancer
  • I highly recommend working with Star! As a coach she dives straight to the heart and helps guide you on your path. Star is exceptional and brings insight and cheer we entrepreneurs need. She is a must have in your life!

    M. Nawrocki Entrepreneur


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