Brilliant U Coach About Professional Bio Star Zuwala, MA

Hello! I am happy you are here! Are you ready to change your life?!

My name is Star Zuwala, MA! I will be your coach on this awesome journey you want to embark on! 

What journey is that specifically you might be asking?

The journey of healing the inner child or reviving the fire inside!  Life experiences can sometimes cause a diminished inner fire.  Sometimes it can be recovery of your FULL FIRE FORCE!  It is essentially creating a life for yourself which is full of happiness, appreciation for this incredible moment, gratefulness of this life you are living, worldly success, deeper life meaning, greater satisfaction (on every level), and vitality!  

It starts with the question “Why am I a coach?”

Answering that question gives a framework of the importance of the work that we will do together.  

It all started when I was around 16, I was not happy at that time and I went on a journey of finding happiness and deeper life meaning. I became more interested in delving into the inner landscape of myself, that being emotions, connection with God, and spirituality. I was asking questions like “what makes for genuine happiness and satisfaction?” I wanted to know the “why” of things.  I saw that the happiness I was seeking was not found in material things or the high school social scene. I got the things I wanted and it still left me with an emptiness that nothing would fill.  In the end, I learned that happiness is created and resurrected by giving oneself what which was missing in childhood and young adult experiences.  

Blaming other people for not giving us what we need to be happy is going about it all wrong.  They are not perfect and they are doing their best, but what if they fall short?  Being dependent on another for your sustenance is a scary thing and I sought out independence in every way.  That journey brought me to learning a lot about reparenting and giving oneself the best on every level.  Self care was a huge part of the puzzle.  Underlying beliefs drive everything that we do.  Reprogramming the beliefs can change your life drastically!  I saw the changes in my own life from negative to positive and life became one of thriving rather than surviving.

With the Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as the 30 years of research and study- I have attained a great knowledge that I have shared with my clients.  Their courage to go with me on the journey of reclamation of themselves is a beautiful thing to behold.  Their life is now one of positivity, hope, vitality, a go getter quality where they understand if they want something they have to go after it and make it happen rather than waiting of someone to do it for them!  The proof is found in increased productivity and worldly success.

This is not a quick fix.   Determination and willingness is needed.  It is a step-by -step process of investigation, identification, realization, inspiration, purification, and implementation of the new. It is the best investment of time and money you can make.  In one session you will know whether you are in the right place, because my words will ring true for you.

People hire me to win.


To figure out what is missing in one’s life.

To create a consistent state of feeling good.

To get a job.

To trust oneself.

To secure employment.

To be more daring as an artist.

To believe in oneself more.

To have more confidence.

To increase self worth.

To operate at the highest productivity possible.


Who do I work with?

I work with entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, performance artists, musicians,  CEO’s, designers, working mothers, and individuals who are on the path of desiring change.

Also check out my book Brilliant U: 19 Inspirational Tips For Creating The Life You Want online at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  It will give you an idea of the work I do with re-programming the mind from negative to positive.  It is a very important process of burning out all the negative and replacing it with the positive or solution oriented way of being.





I have been coaching people for over 15 years!  And I love what I do.  

I went on an awesome path of self-discovery, research, experimentation and implementation.  I read over 500+ books on every topic that caught my interest.  Those interests were the power of positivity, reprogramming the mind, affirmations, intentions, motivation, spirituality, manifestation, law of attraction, energy, holistic health, self-care, and self-development.  I was fascinated with psychology and what makes people tick.  I read books on healing and how to transform/change.  I read countless books on depression, eating disorders, PTSD, sexual abuse, substance abuse, re-parenting, healing the inner child, codependence, addiction, abuse, trauma, body image issues, domestic violence, anxiety and more!

I worked on my undergraduate degree for 7 years.  I was trying out so many possiblities.  My first love has always been being an artist and show woman who brings stories to light.  So I got a Bachelors Theater degree from University of Oregon in 2002.  I have total passion for film, being a performer, director, stylist and producer.

In my 30’s, I moved to Hawaii.  I was drawn to enroll in a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  After my practicum at a non-profit for domestic violence rehabilitation for perpetrators, I continued to work at the non-profit co-facilitating men’s perpetrator groups, creating restraining orders and doing individual sessions with the survivors.  In 2012, I received my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

My life, training, studies and years of research laid the ground work for what I do today.  The final touch was my own personal journey of healing and change which fuels the absolute passion I have for helping people to create the life that they want.  I did it first myself and I found massive success on every level.  Now, I coach people with the knowledge I gained and with the ways that worked for me.  Each individual has to feel it out and figure out what is right for them personally.  I am sharing with my clients my wisdom, liquid gold secrets and Brilliant U tips to enrich lives for the better. 

It is very satisfying to assist people to a place of peace, happiness, confidence, assurance, strength and their mountain top of success is very satisfying.  It takes time and it takes work, but the end result is the best!  To see my clients THRIVE! 

And you can too!  I know it is possible!

Let’s make your goals a reality by bringing in new suggestions for you to try out and see if they resonate with what you are needing-  which can help you make the changes you want!

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