Star Zuwala, MA
Star Zuwala, MA

Hi! I’m Star and I will be your motivational coach!

Why hire a coach? Because with guidence you will get to your goals in half the time!

Coaches are essential to giving you everything that you will need to keep on going!

What do I give you specifically? Support, investigation into you and what makes you tick, encouragement, appreciation of your strengths, bringing to your attention areas that need development, a sounding board, food for thought, experimentation of trying suggestions and challenging your beliefs that drive your life! And more!

What do you want? Most people want these things:

  1. Happiness & Joy
  2. Life Satisfaction/ Fulfillment
  3. Money
  4. Freedom / Adventure
  5. Inner Peace
  6. Passion
  7. Balance
  8. Confidence
  9. Life Stability
  10. Love

It starts with initiating new thoughts and taking different actions and seeing your efforts bringing you closer to your goals.

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  • You want to start something new, make a positive change in yourself and are unsure of how to make it happen.
  • You need help to organize your life into a plan of action
  • You need someone to help you to see the big picture and help you organize/manage all the moving parts to you and your life.
  • You’re super motivated at times, but then low energy at other times (you feel like something is in your way or keeping you down).
  • You don’t have support in your life or the guidance you would like.
  • You feel alone or have been doing things on your own.

Then YES it’s definitely FOR YOU!!

Ready to get to work?

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