Brilliant U Coach Mary Testimonial 2

“I highly recommend working with Star! As a coach she dives straight to the heart and helps guide you on your path. Star is exceptional and brings insight and cheer we entrepreneurs need. She is a must have in your life!”

M. Nawrocki, Entrepreneur

“After a lifetime of therapy (and countless therapists), I am grateful to say that I have finally found a life coach whose brilliance outshines all who have gone before. Star’s work comes straight from the heart, from a place of pure love.”

S. Marvin, Fashion Designer
Brilliant U Life Coach Testimonial 1
M. Picton Testimonial Pic. Brilliant U Coach

“Star is amazing! With the help of her life coaching I have found that I needed to heal my inner child. I knew I needed help but to have someone who cares about you and is knowledgeable say, “You do these these things because you didn’t get it as a child”, was eye opening.

She helped me realize that no matter where I went to be “happy” the unhappy would follow me until I did the work. The little girl may have not gotten the love that she needed but I’m working hard to make sure the 46 yr old woman gets the love she deserves. Thank you for everything Star, you are a diamond.”

M. Picton, Medical Administrator