Different Types Of Success!

What makes me happy about this post is that I was sitting on the beach and reflecting on my life and all that I have accomplished and how ambitious I have always been. I was thinking about how in middle school and high school I was so driven to achieve certain things that I thought would bring me happiness. Those things centered around being pretty, thin, popular and becoming a soccer star. That was my definition of success.

So, I got those things. All of them. But did those things bring the happiness I was seeking? Did it fill the hole in my heart? Did achieving those things make my life fabulous, like I thought it would? No, it did not. Why not?

The achievements or changes were superficial and on the surface of life. Sometimes what is REALLY needed is a change on the internal landscape of life. That which can not been seen, but only felt.

It took years for me to get to the place of seeing success through different eyes! Those being on a deeper spiritual and emotional level. To me success is still monetary but it is NOT EVERYTHING! It is not the holy grail. Success can also be having a consistent inner peace and happiness, being at home in one’s body, relaxed, satisfied in the moment to just relax, the ability to be fully in the present and to take in all the beauty that surrounds me!

Do you know how many years I chased and worked tirelessly to achieve material wealth or superficial achievements to finally see that that is not what would be that would give me the total bliss and contentment that I truly wanted and desired? Too Many.

I chased the so called carrot that was dangling in front of me. The shiny prize for years! Then during the covid pandemic, an incredible gift was given to me. It was the realization that happiness did not live in the future. Reflecting on my mortality, I seized an opportunity of the urgency of living one’s most fabulous life NOW. Making it a reality now! If not now, there might never be a “when”. I finally saw that the “point of power” as I call it, is in this moment right now, that was the golden ticket! That making this moment special, full of sparkle, life and pizzazz was all that we really have. It put an end of “in the future it may happen or come to me..” attitude or outlook. That changed everything!

So cheers to making moments special NOW!

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