Train is coming through

THE TRAIN IS COMING THROUGH! – Your attitude creates relentless energy!

Hello everyone! Hope today is off to a great start with new fresh go-at-it-ness!

Last week was a challenging one!  Have you ever had those days where you just have had your total fill of being around negative critical people that are just picking at things and have very little to offer that is constructive or solution oriented that works for you?   One big thing to keep in mind is- it does is tell you a lot about the person who gives their opinion.  Are they any good at giving feedback?  Is their feedback relevant in anyway?

Attitude is everything in life.  How you look and deal with adversity or negative interactions with others can tell you a lot about yourself.  Sometimes a seemingly negative interaction can bring a breakthrough that makes you even stronger, wiser and better than before.  Being open to feedback that can make you better and stronger is always welcomed.  It is HOW someone gives their feedback or opinion.  Its all in the delivery.  Are they good at giving constructive feedback?  Do they want to see you win?  Or do they just want to give you an earful to express something going on inside themselves. Seeing it for what it is- is the first step.  Step two is looking at what has been brought to your attention and does it have any valuable information to help you grow?

Take time to reflect and ponder. Take what resonates and leave what is not right for you. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean it is always true.

It is important to turn things around to a positive outcome.

Having the right attitude can bring in the powerful feeling of “what can I learn from this – if anything that can help me triumph.”  The phrase that was running through my mind was…. “Can’t stop the train from coming through!”  So thankful that the way that we look at things can make or break things.

I share these Blog posts for a reason.  I have been through so much adversity in my life that I try to help others find their way through without being pummeled by it! Life can and will knock you down, it is up to you if you getting back up and on your horse again and again and again.

Best to you. Onward and Upward!

Star Zuwala, MA