Avoid Burnout

HEY SUPER NOVA! Remember to value “powering down” to avoid burnout!

Holy Moly – last week was a doozy!  Super busy and it was not slowing down for anything.

I am not complaining in the least, because everything was productive and a blessing that there is so much good going on! Opportunities and work is always something to be grateful for!

AND….. resting is important.  It ties into last weeks post about BALANCE.  You might have a tendency to work, work and work.  So much to do, not enough hours in the week to get it all done.  You might even have to MAKE YOURSELF REST for 20-60 minutes if it doesn’t come naturally to you.

Reminders to rest to take care of yourself is bringing in the feminine energy to slow down so you powerhouse will not crash and burn!  If you are a person who is predominately masculine go forth energy you might have to be more aware of the need for powering down temporarily. Yes, it is true the busiest people will get things done.  But at what cost?  Hopefully not themselves.

You are amazing! You are a fireball! Life will remind you that you are still human and not a machine! Awareness is a SUPERPOWER! Did you know that?  Knowing when to put the forceful forging forth energy to the side for a minute  and put the “time out” time into the spotlight is absolutely necessary to keep you going consistently.  Avoiding burn out is to important because you don’t want your body to put you in bed for days, weeks or even months!! I have been there and learn from my mistakes.  I have evolved to the point when I might overdo it and then my body says REST… you are dangerously close to burn out.  I get chronic headaches.  What are your symptoms?

Listening to your body will keep you on the horse going forth and crushing your day in every way!  Rather than crawling on the ground watching everyone else go!

Cheers and best to you!