The key to positivity is your mindset.


It is vital to find the sunshine in the clouds of the intense reality you might be finding yourself in. What stands out to me today is this thought:


It is my birthday time coming again and for the third year in a row there has been tragedy marking the time.  Tragic events in the world can make for a heavy feeling to be carrying.  So, with that being said, I am making every attempt to be grateful for being alive.  It is wonderful to have birthdays that are full of celebration – and those will come again at some point.  Right now it’s about being there for others to help in the stabilization process through the grief and loss.  Providing love and care as the light to lead the way with reminders of hope, Fatih and gratefulness.  Sometimes that is all someone has.

Onward to the reasons why I want to start this deep thinker blog……Are you a prober?  Do you ponder, investigate, reflect on many different topics, putting energy into figuring them out or basically understanding it to its core?

I do.  Thoughts come to me and I plummet their depths to know all that I can about it. I know WHY! If you are someone like that too, then we have found a great combo team!  Glad you are here to join in to this intense and beautiful ride called life.  It is so great when you don’t have to take their journey alone.

A lot of my life’s work is focused on bringing people together, out of isolation to partake in art, music, body movement and discussions.  To experience the beauty that can be had amongst the reality that grips us daily.  Thankful beyond words for art.  I believe it has given me deep meaning and purpose and has laid love on my heart which keeps it warm daily.

Human connection is vital for survival.  Supportive and loving community is the best. No one should have to walk this life alone.  So my Blog post today is about HOW TO STAY POSITIVE!  It starts in the mind and permeates outward.  It is the seed and comes to life with the watering of our thoughts.  It is quite brilliant.

To stay positive it takes:

  • Positive affirming thoughts of growth and intention to the future.
  • Daily gratefulness
  • Body movement – exercise everyday
  • Music which is comforting, soothing, feel good and uplifting
  • Social activities with the community
  • Talking with people and connecting on a real level
  • Finding safety in thyself, relationships with others, experiences
  • Taking care of your body EXCELLENTLY- High level of self care on all levels.
  • Awareness of and the honoring your emotions
  • Self love, self worth and strong sense of self/core
  • A “can do” attitude
  • …. There are more, but for now this is enough to get your mind pumping in the right direction.

So in summation, staying positive is a must and will happen if you are taking excellent care of yourself with mindfulness, diet, strong faith and hope, music, fun art creative expression, soothing yourself emotionally, seeking support in your community and not isolating yourself.

Come out and join in the love that is all around.

It is here, you just have to have the courage to put yourself out there to get that support that you need.


Xoxo, have a great day.


Contact me if you are in need of support for a coaching session or art/music/body movement creative expression class. Happy to be of assistance!